Friday, July 16, 2010

Peach-Berry Protein Smoothie

I'm in love with protein smoothies.  They are smooth, frothy, delicious and packed full of good stuff!! I've been experimenting more and more with flavors and recipes and tonight... well, tonight I made a new one and it's pretty good!  (Warning... it's super sweet, so if you don't like it that sweet... I'd omit the Crystal Light packet!)

Betsy's Peach-Berry Protein Smoothie

In your blender... mix on high for 2 minutes (yes, 2 minutes! you want a frothy smoothie, don't ya?):
1 cup of enriched low-fat milk*
1 cup of cold water
1 1/2 scoops vanilla protein powder**
1 packet of Crystal Light On the Go ENERGY Wild Strawberry

Add 10 ice cubes and blend for another 30 seconds.

Add to the mixture and blend for 30 seconds:
1/2 a peach, cubed
1/3 cup fresh raspberries

*Enriched milk has added protein to it.  To make enriched milk, add 1/4 non-fat milk powder (I use Saco Mix 'n Drink) to every 1 cup of non-fat milk.  Use enriched milk instead of regular milk in all your smoothies/shakes and cooking for added protein!

**I use Max Protein powder by SEI.  So far, the vanilla has worked out great for me!  You can find it online here.

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