Friday, July 2, 2010

I'm loving this surgery!

Today was the first day I got out and about.  Thanks to my friend Sarah for coming down to my Dads and getting me out of this house! It felt sooooo good! We went shopping and then went for manis/pedis.  I took some pain meds before I left and had no problems while shopping!  Made me realize that I should try and get out everyday and do something... I feel so much better when I do and it'll only help the pounds shed off faster!  I'm losing this weight so much faster than I ever though... and I'm loving this surgery! 

I plan to pack up and head home tonight... I'm feeling good and ready to be in my own bed! 

So here are today's numbers: 

Todays weight: 299lbs

Total loss since surgery: 15lbs

Grand total loss: 26lbs

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Jess :) said...

Hey Betsy! I had no clue you were doing this surgery! So far so good, eh? I'm glad to hear you're doing well :) I'll be following you on your journey and keeping you in my thoughts. Stay smiling, girlie!

-Jess aka FrostedTreats :)