Friday, July 16, 2010

Losin' those inches!

Two weeks ago I had Desi come over and help me measure my body in inches.  The numbers.... DISGUSTING.  But, I've decided that if I'm going to do this right and blog about it, I have to be about FULL DISCLOSURE! I can't be ashamed or embarrassed or hide anything! So, this morning, I measured myself again and there were several changes! Although these numbers are HIGH and quite embarrassing... there is still a change... which is AMAZING!

I'm really starting to feel the change in my clothing.  I am wearing things I wore 2 years ago that didn't fit before the surgery.  Looking good and having my friends notice is such a great motivator!!

Sorry the numbers below don't line up lol  I couldn't figure out how to get them straight~!!~!

                                    July 4                           July 16
Neck                           15.5                             14.5
L Arm (bicep)              18                                17
R Arm (bicep)              17.5                             17
Bust                             53                                51
Waist                           54.5                             52.5
Hip                              59                                57.5
L Thigh                        29.5                             27
R Thigh                        30                                27.5

3 comments: said...

I think those numbers are really impressive in such short time. How exciting for you!!!

carrieann123 said...

That's awesome, Betsy! I'm so impressed!!!

Deb said...

awesome step to have full disclosure; way to completely let go of your former self and the shame you carried. woo hoo! you go girl!!!