Wednesday, July 14, 2010

6 Things I've Learned in the Last Week

1) Exercise is good.  I feel better after I do it.  And even if I have zero motivation in the morning... getting out for 30 minutes will immediately put me in a better mood and make me feel better the rest of the day.

2) I like strawberry and raspberry protein shakes.  I was reluctant at first to think that I'd ever find a shake I liked because I had tried 5 or 6 recipes and hated all of them.  Finally... I found one that works for me.

Here's the recipe: 
4oz enriched non-fat milk
4oz cold water
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
6-7 ice cubes
1 cup of strawberries, raspberries or any combo of the two 
(sometimes, I even throw in 1/2 a peach and then 1/2-3/4 cup of berries)
Blend it all together! 

3) Don't rush getting out of the soft foods/liquid phase.  Twice now I've tried eating foods that either needed to be blenderized or chewed more or they needed to have more moisture in them and both times it felt like I had a brick sitting in my pouch (stomach) and it HURT.  Uncomfortable pain.  Ugh.  So, for the next week... I'm really going to take special care in watching the texture of the foods I'm eating and stick to the soft foods! No more pain in my belly for me!

4)  Eating outside of my house can be a reality.  After spending 24 hours away from home for the Justin Bieber concert in Everett... I realized that it is possible to eat out.  I just need to choose wisely and know my limitations.  For example, this morning at the hotel breakfast I had a small scoop of scrambled egg, 1/4 of a link of sausage and 1/4 cup of strawberries.  Perfect little breakfast.  It filled me up and I felt good about eating it.  I'm not so sure about restaurants yet... but I'm sure in time I'll figure those out too!

5) My weight loss is going to vary, it's never going to be consistent.  There are going to be some days that I lose 2 lbs a day and some days that I gain 1 or stay the same.  There may be a week where I lose nothing but the next lose 10lbs.  I need to tell myself that it's okay to stay off the scale everyday and just check in once a week.  This is a long journey and one day's weight on the scale is not going to make or break things.

This is a picture of me and my sister, Tressa, taken yesterday 7/13/10.  She said my sweater was too big on me.  :)  

6)  My clothes are starting to fit me again.  Clothes I haven't worn in 2 years that I saved are starting to fit again.  I went shopping a few days ago and I've already dropped 1-2 sizes (depending on what I tried on).  It feels great to actually fit into my clothes.  I told my husband this and he said, "Well, I guess I know where my clothing allowance is going this year!" haha :) I love my husband!  Wearing clothes that are too big and fitting into clothes that were snug before is a great motivator to keep up with this process!!! 


Hannah said...

Keep it up Betsy! I weighed every single day for the first several several months. It's not a good thing to do lol. I'm glad you've found a shake you like, I STILL haven't :( You're doing amazingly well! GREAT JOB! xoxoxo Hannah

Kim said...

Can you or have you tried peanut butter in your protein shakes? That's a favorite of mine when I make them.

Thanks for sharing your journey with us. Very inspiring!

JavaCupcake said...

Kim... Yeah, I've tried peanut butter and it was disgusting. I thought I'd love it cause PB was my favorite before surgery too. Ugh.

<3 Betsy

Amanda said...

YAY!! I am excited for our walk tomorrow!! My favorite shake is 1 scoop of Chocolate protein, 1/2 a banana,& 1/4 cup skim milk,& 1/2 water with ice cubes blended- so get's me my chocolate fix! I will have to try your strawberry mixture as I love strawberries!! Keep up th egood work & I'll see you in the morning!