Sunday, August 29, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

So, I've been a baseball fan since... well, as long as I could walk and talk.  As far back as I can remember, my brother has been teaching me everything I ever needed to know about the sport.  As a family... we've gone to hundreds of baseball games together!  In the last 10 years though, my weight had always hindered my ability to really fully be comfortable at the games.  I was always a little too big for the seats, was out of breath walking from the car.... those kinds of things.

Last night... everything was different.  My brother, Dad, Emily and I went to a AAA Tacoma Rainiers baseball game in Tacoma.  Here's what was amazingly different!
  1. I had gotten some free jerseys from the Rainiers early in the season, they didn't fit.  But last night, MY JERSEY FIT!  A standard XL!  I was SO EXCITED and I even got compliments on it at the game!!! 
  2. The walk from the car to our seats... didn't even break a sweat or huff and puff for air.  Didn't even think twice about it actually because it was so easy.  :) 
  3. I almost cried when I realized this one... My ass fit in the stadium seat! With room to spare on each side! OH MY GOD!  I don't know if I can EVER remember that happening! Usually, cause we're all big people, we're smushed in those seats like sardines!  NOT THIS TIME!!! Yay!  
  4. No ass sweat.  I know it's gross.  But when you're as over weight as I was... sitting for a long time in one spot, you can get sweaty, especially my ass and back.  None of that this time.  It rocked! 
  5. My favorite baseball hoodie... it's almost too big.  I wore it anyways.  hehe
  6. Eating peanuts = a good thing at the ball park!  I can munch on these little bad boys, get lots of protein and the good fats and feel like I'm still enjoying the best part of watching a game.  And to go along with this... I ate a couple bites of ONE piece of pizza.  Not pizza, hot dogs, garlic friends, pretzel and everything else I  usually eat.  I was able to control myself... enjoy what I did have and be okay with it! Not saying I'm never going to eat garlic fries again... cause you know, as soon as I get to The Safe...  I'll be eating at least ONE fry! hahah (It's all about moderation, baby!)
  7. And overall... the whole experience was just so much more fun! It was easier to move around, I had more energy and I was just happier!  
Here's a pic from the game!  I'm only posting it cause you can't see my new hair and body.  hehe Can't spoil it for my hubby!!! 

Weight Loss Recap
Today's weight: 256lbs
Total weight loss: 69lbs
Weight loss since surgery: 58lbs


Little Miss Cupcake said...

such great news! congratulations to you!

Peruzzi Travels said...

Even skinny girls have ass sweat! Believe me! I love that you are able to be comfortable. That is important ass sweat will dry lol!