Saturday, August 21, 2010

10 Kick Ass Perks of Weight Loss

  1. My clothes actually FIT.  
  2. Cleaning out my closet means getting rid of clothes that are TOO BIG instead of too small! 
  3. In the car, my belly isn't an inch from the steering wheel... it's SIX inches! 
  4. The seatbelt actually has more than 2 inches of slack on it!! I can lean over to pick something up without having to take off my seatbelt too! 
  5. Towels wrap around my body, completely! 
  6. I don't need the detachable shower-head for those hard to reach places anymore.
  7. I fit into the booths at restaurants. 
  8. I don't have to buy the biggest size in the store anymore! 
  9. My boobs stick out further than my belly!!! 
  10. Everyday my self esteem comes back a little more! 
Weight Loss Recap
Today's weight: 262lbs
Total weight loss: 63lbs
Weight loss since surgery: 52lbs


☾ Ash ♡ said...

Great list!! =o)

Deb said...

awesome list. and one that you can keep adding to as you realize more benefits and lose more weight!