Thursday, August 5, 2010

Keepin' up... focus... staying on track

I've only lost 1lb since Friday.... 6 days and 1 lb.  I know I shouldn't be obsessed with the scale, but I really am disappointed in just 1lb.  And then, I feel guilty about all the things I should be doing that I haven't been.  I've fallen off the wagon, so to speak.

I was doing so good for about 3 weeks.... exercising all the time, eating right... and then, I don't know what happened, but it all just stopped.  I haven't been on a walk in 2 weeks, I haven't been eating the "best" things and now... the scale is showing me what happens when I don't stay on track.

Sometimes I feel so much pressure to succeed at this.  Pressure I put on myself, pressure from my Mom in Heaven, from my doctor, my family.  I feel like if I let my family, friends down... that yet again, I'll be a failure at something.  And sometimes, that's so overwhelming that I just stop doing everything. 

I need to keep up the good work.  But really, how do I do that?  Will it take another 50lbs before I feel motivated all the time?  Will it take my husband coming home?  I don't know.  It's just so frustrating.  I wish it was easier.  

I'm not looking for everyone to answer these questions for me.... I guess I just needed to say it out loud so that maybe I'll hold myself accountable and get my butt in gear.  

Weight Loss Recap

Today's weight: 273lbs
Total weight loss: 52lbs
Weight loss since surgery: 41lbs


Tressa said...

Here are a few of my favorite cliche lines...but they are really true. "It is a marathon, not a sprint." and "Measure your success in non-scale victories." This means that even in failure, you can measure success because that just means that you are learning from your mistakes = growing as a person. No one expects you to be prefect all the time at this or to have no challenges. As Tony Horton (P90x dude) says, "Do your best & forget the rest."

carrieann123 said...

I think you can use your disappointment as a motivation tool. Let that help you push yourself until the next motivator comes along. If you're not feeling motivated, think about what would motivate you and focus on that. Just think about how excited your hubby will be to see all your progress when he gets home :)

Hang in there!