Saturday, August 14, 2010

Small Victory!

I went shopping today for a cute summer shirt that actually fit me to wear to a bbq this afternoon.  I hopped over to Fashion Bug, a store where I used to wear 3x and at my highest 4x shirts.  Well today... I tried on some cute 2x shirts thinking they'd fit.  Boy was I WRONG! They were TOO BIG!  I had to goto the smallest size they had in the store... a 1x!  I almost had a moment in the dressing room when I tried it on... HOLY COW!  I went from a 4x to a 1x in 7 weeks!  I couldn't believe my eyes! I turned to the side to look at myself in the mirror and WOAH, my boobs stick out further than my stomach does.  WHAT??!?! HOLY COW!!! I'm actually seeing a dramatic change in my body and it's AWESOME!!!!!!!!

PS... I had another moment in the car after I left the store.  I really wanted to call my Mom and tell her all about it, giggle, laugh, cry and be happy together.  I miss her the most in times like these... when all I want to do is call her.

Weight Loss Recap

Today's weight: 268lbs
Total weight loss: 57lbs
Weight loss since surgery: 46lbs

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Court and Jay said...

Betsy this is SO exciting - I am very happy for you. You look amazing already...excited to see your progress. <3