Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A protein drink I actually like!!!

While at Costco last week, one of the free sample people was giving out little cups of a protein juice fromBolthouse Farms.  I'm always one to try a new protein drink and this one had 64g of protein in the entire bottle!  

HOLY COW was it good!!! Probably one of the best protein juice drinks I've ever had! It was a mango drink, slightly thicker than juice but not quite as thick as a smoothie.... and it didn't have any gritty taste like some protein drinks do.  

AND... the best part.... buying two at Costco for just under $6 was such a great deal!  I saw them at the market at they were $5 for one!  

I've been drinking 1/2 a bottle every morning.... getting in half my protein for the day! 

Totally excited about this..... I needed to share it with everyone! 

Oh, I also tried the chocolate protein drink they have.... don't love it as much as the mango, but it'd do in a pinch!  30g for the small bottle of the chocolate. 

Here's their website where you can find all the info about their protein drinks! http://bolthouse.com/our-products/beverages/proteins
Enjoy! I do! 

UPDATE:  I also felt the need to mention that these drinks also come with a lot of sugar and carbs.   If that's something you're looking to cut back on, this might not be the drink for you.   Although high sugar and carbs can be really bad for some WLS patients, I find that getting in enough protein is a good trade for me.... I'll cut back on sugar/carbs the rest of the day in order to get enough protein in with this shake.  It's not for everyone... but it works for me! 


Maria said...

Wow I have never seen these before! I'll have to try them!

imcshe said...

Sounds great! Looks like it's time for a Costco run!