Wednesday, December 8, 2010

An update of photos...

Well, I don't have much new to say... other than HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMILY!  11 years ago she was born and I'm happy to report I weigh less than I did even before I got pregnant with her!! Yay!

Anyhoo... I do however have some recent photos to share!  As of this morning I'm down 109lbs and am feeling fabulous!  Another 17lbs until I reach my main goal of being under 200lbs! I wonder if I can do that before we move... I think that'd be awesome.  I should probably stop sneaking Christmas cookies though for that to happen.  haha

Oh... tomorrow, I go in for my 6 month check-up with my surgeon.  I get to find out how my vitamin levels are doing, protein levels, etc are.  Also, I'm going to ask him for a referral to a surgeon in Germany AND when I can start thinking about the full body lift to get rid of all this extra skin!! :) Yay!!

On to the pictures!

I'm all dressed up in my new outfit (yes, that's a waist I have!! hehe), make up done at Sephora, hair all cute.... looking fantabulous!! And really... .feeling even better! 

This is me and my best friend Desi of almost 20 years! We met the summer before high school started and now she lives just a few minutes away from me!  This picture was taken last night before we left for a party! Aren't we sexy? 

My handsome husband :)  We look so cute together! 

This is me and Jen on my birthday in Feb. 2010. 

This is me and Jen last night.  WOW! Big difference! 

And cause it's her birthday... an extra picture of me and my babygirl Emme  from last night! 

Weight Loss Recap
Today's weight: 216lbs
Total weight loss: 109lbs
Weight loss since surgery: 98lbs

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jmc_rma said...

I am so happy to see this blog! I am so happy for you! You look fantastic! Keep up the great work.