Thursday, May 5, 2011

May - Then and Now

A year ago... my life changed.  It changed in ways it has never changed before.

- My husband came home from Iraq for almost a month.
- My mother died.
- I lived my last month as a fat girl.

I've been going back looking at a lot of pictures from May of 2010 and realizing how fat I really was.  I mean... I knew the number on the scale said 325 and holy shit, that is a lot... but I never really truly looked at myself as being that big.   I saw the pictures, I knew I was huge... but I never really felt it in my core that I was so big.

I guess I always felt I looked, even at 325lbs, the way I do now... beautiful.   I guess I was in denial.  Because 325lbs was not beautiful.  

And.... to be really honest here.  I do not know what my husband saw in that fat girl.  Seriously.  She is not pretty. I feel so blessed to know that my husband loves me for who I really am inside.

Let's take a look back at some pictures of me from a month before my surgery - May 2010.

My husband is so tiny sitting next to me. 

The baby shouldn't be the same size as my face. 

I'm was the size of all three of my friends put together.  Sad. 

The width of my midsection and the size of my neck astound me looking back at these pictures. 

Let's move on to the good stuff..... here are some pictures from May 2011.   This is how I've always pictured myself looking.  It's amazing to finally realize that I'm actually there.  I'm healthy, in shape, and at a weight where I don't look like a balloon.  
Is that my neck and cheeks?  I actually have a face! 

Uhm... am I actually smaller across than my husband now?  YES!

:) Happy :) 

Weight Loss Recap
Today's weight: 186lbs
Total weight loss: 139lbs
Weight loss since surgery: 128lbs
BMI: 29.1


Amanda said...

WHOO-HOOO I remember when you started this journey & how nervous you where. But you are doing an AMAZING job & you are so healthy now!! I think Dave always knew you where pretty from the inside out other wise why bother?? Good Job lady keep it up!!

Deb said...

So proud of your grand accomplishment and thrilled for you too. You stuck to it! WooHoo!!!