Monday, April 11, 2011

Feeeeel the burn!

I did it.  I went to the gym on post for the first time today.  And really... it wasn't that scary.  There were LOTS of other ladies my age going in and out of the gym so I just followed a few of them in and did what they did.

I didn't have to sign up with a membership or anything.  Just walked up to the counter, scanned my military ID card, grabbed a towel and went to the locker room.  Easy peasy.  

I didn't check out much of the gym... I just went straight to the machines where I found the bikes.  There were at least three different ones to choose from, so I just picked one in front of a TV with baseball on,  of course.

Ok.  Here we go.  How does this darn thing turn on?  haha  I hit the cardio button and it asks me my age, how long I want to ride the bikes and what my target heart rate should be.  33, 20 minutes, 125 bpm.

And I'm off.  About 8 minutes into it I'm noticing that things are a little easy and I'm not really working up a sweat, so I bump up the heart rate to 150 and BAM... here comes the sweat!  And I was feeling good!

14 minutes in I thought to myself... ya know, I could totally do 30 minutes on this bike.  So, I upped the time and BAM!  30 minutes.  No problem.  And actually... I ended up doing 34 minutes because I added a 4 minute cool down period too!

34 minutes, 12 1/4 miles, averaged about 150 bmp, and I got up to level 2 of resistance.  Not too bad for my first ride.

I decided too that I'm going to track those numbers and see how things change every week.  I'm hoping to do some time on the bike and then add the elliptical machine or rowing machine.  Maybe even work up to doing some weights too.

Horray for a free gym!!! Now all I need to find is someone to go with me!!  (Chrissy?  Brittany?)  haha

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