Sunday, April 3, 2011

Is that a flat tummy?

Well sorta. It only looks flat because of the leggings I've got pulled up to my boobs.  But hey, that's not the point.  The point is this:

I weigh ONE HUNDRED NINETY POUNDS!  What?  Huh 190lbs? Yes.  That is correct!

So... for all you math geeks out there, that's a grand total of 135lbs down from my highest weight of 325lbs.

Today, I also was determined to find some summer clothes since it's in the 70's here now.  I can't wear sweaters and leggings forever! So... to the PX I went to try on everything they had... again.  I DID though find 2 pairs of capri pants and a few shirts.  Guess what size they were?

12!  I'm a size 12 pant now!!!!  I fluxuate between a M, L and XL in shirts though, depending on the fit.  But, both pairs of capri's I got were a 12!   I don't think  I've been a size 12 since jr high!  I can't believe that I've started shrinking again!!

And you know what... it's totally because I started exercising again.  I've walked/run several times in the last week and I feel great about it!  The scale is moving and it's because I'm exercising and eating right!  It's such a great motivator!


One last thing... my BMI has dropped from being "Obese" to just "Overweight" at 29.8.  Sweet! My BMI before surgery was 50.9.

Weight Loss Recap
Today's weight: 190lbs
Total weight loss: 135lbs
Weight loss since surgery: 124lbs
BMI: 29.8


Renee said...

Yeah you!!! I am sooo very happy for you! Keep up the awesome work and keep smiling hon! ;)

Jessica said...

You look FREAKING AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Super jealous and hoping to have the success you are having!! Way to go!

Deb said...

So happy for you Betsy. And lovin' reading about your foreign adventure on fB!