Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bras and Boobs

Ok men... you might want to stop reading, cause this one is more of a post the ladies can relate with!! haha

Bras and Boobs!

So, back when I was fat (ha! I love saying that!) and weighed 325lbs... I was a 44C... probably even a 46, but I wouldn't let myself buy that big of a bra. I had a really hard time finding bras that weren't expensive, that were cute and that fit.  I really only had one choice of where to get bras.... Lane Bryant.  Torrid had some, but they always ran a little too small for me.  Lane Bryant bras ran about $35-50 each and sometimes had sales... so I'd get two during their buy one get one half off.

Back in September... I decided it was time to buy new bras.  So, I went to the only place I knew... Lane Bryant... and got sized.  40D.  Huh?  D?  Seriously? I just lost 80lbs... how did my boobs get bigger?  I had the lady measure again and yup... my boobs were BIGGER!!  When I stopped to think about it... it kinda made sense, right?  My body got smaller around, making my cup size bigger?? Or maybe more of what it truly was?? Ugh.   I don't know. So, I bought two new bras for A LOT of money in size 40D.  Fine.  I have bigger boobs.  Whatever.

Yesterday,  my friend Desi took me to Ross to shop for bras.  Ross, I thought, really? They don't have anything that will fit me?  Oh... I was wrong.  They had bras.  TONS of them.  And... get this... for only $5.99!!!  What? GET OUT OF TOWN!!!! Hells yes!!!

Ok, so I'm in the fitting room and I get to tryin' on some of these super cute bras.  38D.  Yup.... got even smaller.  I'm in the land of the 30's now! YEEEAHHHOOOOOO!!!  I even tried on some 38C's but really my boobs just don't fit into them.   So.... D cup I am!  And a 38 at that!  Hecks yeah!!

I don't know if I've ever been a 38 as an adult.  Maybe back in high school... I don't really remember what size I wore back then.  But even then, I was a size 18/20 and now I'm a 14... so I couldn't have been a 38.

So, here they are... my new $5.99 bras.  Great price... even better size.

PS.  Tomorrow is my birthday and I'm going back to the same restaurant that I went to last year and that all my "before" pictures are from.  Yeah, that's me at my highest weight up there in the black and white dress... 325lbs.  I bought a new dress and plan to take some new pictures for a big "One Year Later" blog post!!! Can't wait!!!

Weight Loss Recap
Today's weight: 202lbs
Total weight loss: 123bs
Weight loss since surgery: 112lbs


Amanda said...

I love finding a good bargain on a Bra- no matter how much weight I loose I still never go below a 36 around- I have got to have the largest rib cage ever!! So NOT Fair!! Congratulations on cute Bras- they really do make a girl feel pretty!!

Michelle said...

you are awesome! Love the new bras... will have to go check out Ross... wonder if Marshalls has cheap bras... I do not want to spend any money until I get to the size I want to be at for awhile.

dull_flame said...


I'm a 40DD and I have a hard time finding bras as well. Either the cup is too small or the rib size is. It sucks. And I have to wear these Victorian-torture-devices to strap everything down so I don't end up slipping or breaking an underwire or God forbid tearing the middle part (all of which has happened before at the most inopportune times).

Congratulations on all the weight loss. I've just started a diet myself and it's a long road ahead but I can do it. I find your blog inspirational, cos I can clearly see that it's possible!

Penguin S and Hubs said...

lol...when you go down in BAND size, you go UP in cup size. Kind of cool. I was getting smaller too. And now...not so much, lol! Congrats, I'm sure you LOVE being able to find bras anywhere!

Renee said...

You go girl! U r awesome! Very proud of you and happy for you!