Thursday, June 24, 2010

Twas the Night Before Surgery...

It's finally here... I can't believe that 8 months have flown by since I went to my first pre-op appointment for my weight loss surgery (WLS).  Tomorrow, I head in at noon to undergo Laproscopic Gastric Bypass surgery (RNY for those in the WLS community).  I'm scared, excited, nervous... scared.  I know this will totally change my life for the better and I'm so excited for that.

My mom died four weeks ago yesterday.  She was supposed to be taking me to the hospital tomorrow and helping me get through the day and through recovery.  She was going to be my rock.  My support.   I was counting on her.  And now... I have to muster the energy, the strength to do it alone.  I'll have my dad and my friends... but really, I need my Mom.

So... the last time I was weighed, which was on June 14th,  I was 314lbs.  This is about 10lbs less than I was in February when my "Before" picture was taken (right).

Here's a picture from today:

Man... I can't wait until I'm the same size as my friends!!!! I look like I'm the same size as the two of them put  together!! hahaha

I'm trying to keep realistic expectations for myself about the outcome of the surgery... so my first goal is to make it to less than 200lbs in the first year.  My doctors seem to think that this is definitely an obtainable goal.  Now, on the more short term... my first goal is to successfully learn this liquid diet so that my first few weeks post-op will go smoothly.  During those first two weeks post-op, I am going to set a goal of figuring out daily meals and grocery shopping habits so that the next phase of my new lifestyle will be easier.  

Tonight... well, tonight I need to pack a back and shower and get my mind ready for tomorrow. 

Here's one more pre-op picture.  This was on May 23, 2010.  

I am going to do this.  I will be successful.  And I will become a healthy, skinny Betsy!!!!


carrieann123 said...

I had no idea, Betsy...hang in there! I'm not far from you, so if you need anything, please call!

Anonymous said...

hi babe! good luck! said...

Glad to hear by twitter that the operation went well! I'm excited to see your progress. :)

Renee said...

Congrats girl! I am sooo happy for you! If you need anyone else in your support group to talk to, my best friend and another friend had gastricbypass years ago. My best friend even had two kids afterwards! Let me know if you need anything--seriously. I would love to be there for you! If you want my number...just say the word! You are a strong woman and I KNOW you will reach your goals and dreams. Take care and God Bless.